Pledge Portal


Pledges are a free, voluntary way to get you benefits (incl. Whitelist) whether you hold our NFT or not. Build an Investor score by choosing to hold (not sell) NFTs of your choice for a period of time. Let us do the rest - it costs you nothing so why not try?
Our first objective of the Crowdsurf venture is allowing investors to demonstrate their value through the Pledge mechanism. A Pledge is a non-binding voluntary commitment to perform an action of which the outcome of which can be verified (ideally) on-chain.
The initial use-case of Pledges is “Pledge to Hold” ie to not sell an NFT for a period of time. As Pledges are made and completed through our Pledge Portal, Investor Tiers are accrued and Achievements unlocked.
The purpose of these metrics is to give an investor the ability to demonstrate why they’d be desirable to have as part of a venture or community. Pledges can indicate:
A) Quality Focus: proves an investor can hold (not just flip). B) Investor Profile: a show of conviction in what an investor is holding. C) Consistency: ability to follow through on commitments.
Note: Pledges are entirely voluntary and no wallet tracking is performed.
To make the Pledge mechanism as widely used as possible and we have ensured our focus includes:
A) Gamification: Leaderboards, Achievements, prizes. B) Social utility: Twitter sharing, connecting with like-minded communities and individuals. C) Rewards: $SURF token per Pledge (see FAQs). D) Low barrier to entry: Pledge any NFT, whether you hold a Crowdsurf NFT or not.
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